Feasibility Study for Boracay Island Transit System

Feasibility Study for Boracay Island Transit System

Project Description

The Boracay Island Transit System or BTS is a people mover transport scheme that is foreseen to provide a more efficient, environment friendly, reliable, and safer mode of transportation within the island.

This study assesses the transport demand potential in the island for a people-mover transit system to determine its viability.   Included in the study are the transport demand forecast over a period of 30 years, technology selection, alignment study, concept design, operations and maintenance, preliminary environmental and social impact evaluation, as well as the financial and economic assessments.

The study prepared by SYSTRA Philippines met the following objectives:

  • Forecast potential transport demand through comprehensive traffic analysis;
  • Identify the suitable technology, operating principle, possible route alignment issues, and potential technical alternatives or solutions suiting existing site conditions;
  • Detailed review of ongoing, planned, and approved projects in relation to the overall planning exercise;
  • Recommend possible phasing of the project, whenever needed;
  • Determine the system’s long-term capacity requirement;
  • Prepare conceptual / preliminary design of the project to include systems and sub-systems (civil works and stations, depot, rolling stock, signaling, communications, track works, power supply, SCADA, etc.);
  • Prepare basic construction methodology;
  • Develop a responsive operating plan in accordance with the projected traffic demands, giving utmost emphasis on efficiency, safety, reliability, and maintainability;
  • Establish the required capital investment in relation with the identified project scopes;
  • Assess social and initial environmental impacts and provide corresponding mitigating measures;
  • Define the proposed project framework based on the applicable law;
  • Formulate the appropriate financing strategy based on the required capital investment; and,
  • Present the project’s technical, legal, financial and economic viability.