Our Services

Transport Planning and Feasibility

We assess, prepare, and implement plans and projects to address local and national transport system concerns through comprehensive and innovative solutions. We understand the importance of an efficient transport system to overall development, economy, the environment and quality of life.

We have completed numerous feasibility studies for different transportation and infrastructure projects in an objective, unbiased manner.   The best technical, economic, legal, operational and scheduling information and solutions help our clients identify and assess the possible short-term and long-term general impacts of their respective ventures.   Our studies are supported by design blueprints, engineering drawings, diagrams, and other technical reports.  Our considerations in the design do not only include functionality, economics, social dimensions; we also take into account the general aesthetics of the project.

Our professionals from the various fields are well versed in transport planning and all that it entails. They are knowledgeable in the policies, goals, investments and design pros, cons and alternatives.  They utilize pioneer engineering tools and methods to develop top-notch services with the end goal of providing high-quality transport systems.


We provide exceptional, cost-effective and state-of-the-art transport infrastructure designs, from simple bus station rehabilitation projects to multimodal road and rail networks, through our well-versed expertise and our innovative strategies.

We excel in linear and complex infrastructures in demanding environments, bringing together truly capable specialists and experts with a wide range of local and international experience. Even at the early stages of the design we take operation and maintenance constraints into consideration, thanks to solid experience gained over many years.

By pushing boundaries of innovative thinking, we develop tailor-fit, efficient and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Project / Construction Management

Our team is able to undertake the complex task of managing transport infrastructure projects throughout the lifetime of a project, starting from pre-construction, construction, testing, commissioning, post-construction, up to operation and maintenance. When managing a project, we keep the considerations of overall safety, quality, cost efficiency and deadlines at the forefront throughout all stages of development and implementation.

With our extensive experience, our experts can support increasingly difficult and multi-disciplinary projects. Moreover, we are able to interact and work harmoniously with other professionals, thus ensuring that the project is not delayed due to multi-team concerns or similarly unnecessary complications. We respect deadlines and budgets, follow a clear roadmap and plan for contingencies.

Our strengths, among others, are our adaptability, our thoroughness in technical, contractual and budget monitoring, our human approach to a project and our ability to detect issues before they turn into problems.

Operation and Maintenance

The ability to integrate operations and maintenance constraints from the design stage is key to guaranteeing that a project is functional and maintained in line with budget forecasts throughout its lifetime. We have the technical know-how to ensure that our clients’ projects are seamlessly and professionally operated and maintained.

Our technical experts are capable of auditing infrastructure for all modes of transport and provide technical services, including traffic management and traffic safety and control, all guided by principles of sustainable infrastructure and proper asset management. We are accustomed to work in environments covered by stringent regulatory requirements and are able to overcome obstacles servicing the best interest of our clients. We are able to help our clients achieve the principal goals of any transport system: safety, reliability, comfort and dependability.

General Consultancy

By clearly understanding both the client’s ultimate requirements as well as constraints, we assist in providing audits, reviews and other specific services tailored to the needs of the client.  Within the course of our technical and management advisory services, we navigate the full development cycle by processing qualitative and quantitative data.

With over 20 years presence in the Philippines, we have solid in-depth knowledge of the business and political environments in the country.  Combined with our international exposure and the proven technical excellence of our personnel, we have the ability to provide local strategies that are backed by international expertise.

Value Engineering / Value Analysis

We are the leading company for Value Engineering/Value Analysis in the Philippines with SAVE International-certified in-house team members and a pool of Certified Value Specialists to tap into, if required.

Our approach follows the 6-phase Value Methodology “Job Plan” developed by SAVE International.  By performing a Value Engineering/Value Analysis on a project, process, product or service with a multidisciplinary team comprised of subject matter experts and stakeholders, we enable our clients to incorporate improvements, refocus their resources on critical functions, and detect possible savings early on.

Value Engineering/Value Analysis is the tool for success beyond expectation. It has helped our clients in the past to reconsider high-profile projects and develop better and more cost efficient ideas for implementation.