Midterm Review of the Northrail Project (Section 1 and 2)

Midterm Review of the Northrail Project (Section 1 and 2)

Project Description

Following instructions from the Office of the President, the DOTC issued Department Order 2010-26, creating a Task Force for the Midterm Evaluation/Review of the NORTHRAIL Project, of which the SES-Joint Venture was appointed as the Consultant Team.  This involved the technical, legal and transactional due diligence review of the Northrail Project Phase I Section I (Caloocan to Malolos) and Section II (Malolos to Mabalacat) was “in light of allegations of exorbitant pricing and non-viability”.  The study was to also “look into the possibility of making the project cater not only to commuters but also to cargo”.

The Review Framework consisted of the following tasks:

  • Review of the project configuration; General Project Review (Section 1);
  • Assessment of the Northrail Project Phase 1 Section II;
  • Recommend technical adjustments or project revisions;
  • Review of Project Management and Organization;
  • Preparation of Owner’s Estimates; and,
  • Assistance during Contract renegotiation, if warranted.

The task was performed over a period of 8 months.