SPI presents at the 51st Conference of the Society of Japanese Value Engineers

SYSTRA Philippines Incorporated (SPI) participated in the 51st Society of Japanese Value Engineering (SJVE) Conference held at Arcadia Ichigaya in Tokyo, Japan last October 23-24, 2018. This year’s conference theme was “Explore a New Style of VE”. The two-day conference was attended by SPI’s President, Maria Rhiza S. Castillo and HR and Administration Manager, Christine Laumond, who presented their international papers “Advocacy and Institutionalization of Value Analysis in the Philippines” and “Redefining Transportation Infrastructure Projects using Value Engineering”, respectively.

Ms. Castillo shared the Philippine experience of the beginning of Value Engineering / Value Analysis (VE/VA) and how the Philippines’ government planning agency, the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), promotes the use of VE/VA on major infrastructure development projects in order to maximize the government’s resources and funds. Ms. Laumond, on the other hand, discussed the ways in which SPI is able to combine its transport planning and engineering expertise with the use of the VE/VA process so as to redefine and improve local transportation infrastructure projects.

SPI’s representatives were graciously welcomed and acknowledged for their participation as international presenters. Two other international presentations were made at the conference by members of the Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST). The annual conference also honored and recognized outstanding services to the advancement of the Society, and contributions of members to the promotion and research and development of Value Engineering.